How to Enable Camera2 API on Redmi Note 5

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1. Download ADB Drivers and Platform Tools. Extract both on your computer.
2. Unlock the bootloader.
3. Download Redwolf TWRP.
4. Download ARB bypasser .
5. Download Camera2 API enabler
6. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
7. Rename RedWolfTWRP-3.2.3-027-unofficial.img to reccovery,img
8. Copy recovery.img and dummy.img to platform tools folder.
9. Issue this command:
adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot flash antirbpass dummy.img
fastboot boot recovery.img
10. Now copy the Camera2 API HAL3 Enabler ( to your phone.
11. On your phone, choose “Install” from the main menu of TWRP.
12. Now locate the file you have it copied earlier. Tap on its filename to select it.
13. Do the “Swipe to Install” action
14. choose “Reboot” then choose “System“.

That's all. More can be found here:
I use Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) + Gcam by Arnova
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