How to Install Presets on Lightroom Mobile

This tutorial covers all possible solution for installing and using any ready-to-use presets to any photos on your Lightroom Mobile. There are several solutions offered by few people out there telling nice workarounds on how to easily apply cool presets. Hence, we can start leap-frogging the photo editing task starting with the given settings the preset have. Using presets is a really life-safer solution to make the on-the-go photo editing much easier.

The mobile version of Adobe most popular photo editing app, which is currently Lightroom CC, covers almost every cool features of its Desktop version. Almost! Not All! One of the noticeable missing features is the ability to add custom or third-party presets easily. Nevertheless, there is always a way for anything.

Installing LR Presets

Well, by now, we cannot just add any preset files with .lrtemplate extension into the mobile app of LR. There are two possible workarounds for this situation:

1. Using RAW Photos Imported from LR

The main concept behind this trick is that we apply the Preset we want onto a photo via LR Desktop, and then we export that photo to a Digital Negative image format (.DNG). We can then transfer that DNG file to our phone and copy the applied settings into our new photo(s) in LR mobile.

2. Using Synced Photos

The main concept is similar but this trick needs Adobe Creative Cloud account to sync the photo with attached settings in it. Put it simply, apply the presets you want to a photo and sync that photo to your Adobe account. Afterward, open up the LR mobile app on your phone and you will notice the synced photo is there. Now simply open that photo, go back, and open the new photo (the one you want to use the presets) and apply the previous image settings.

It might sound confusing but take a look at this video to make things clearer.

3. Altering the APK File

The most difficult method is by modifying the original LR APK file. It means you have to firstly download the .apk file of LR mobile and use any APK Editor app to inject the presets (.lrtemplate) files to the app. We personally do not recommend this method unless you are an expert in modifying your phone.

That’s it.

We really expect for Adobe to include a feature that allows LR Mobile users importing new presets easily. Anyway? Which method do you prefer the most? As for us, we love to use the first method.

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