Reasons to Use Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets, they are all the rage! A lot of photographers create their own presets because it is a little piece of their unique artistic style that you can own and apply to your own work. So it is awesome. We have also used tons of freemium presets, and we like a lot of them but there is also a lot that we don’t like.

The reason for using presets, the reason of why many people use it, is because it speeds up the workflow. After a certain amount of time, you develop an aesthetic and you can see that across different Instagrammer’s grid and profiles, some of them try to go for a distinctive style.

A lot of the time, many photographers, when they edit photos and they come home from a trip or photo hunting session, they apply the same presets to a lot of the photos that they shoot because that is the style that they developed and enjoyed. Moreover, it is fast. Instead of going to the curve adjustments, and the HSL tab, and grain, and adding all of those different points and masking and brush. All of that stuff for every photo would take ages. Alternatively, they basically run through presets on different photos that they take, picking which one looks best and which one they like the most, and then that photo is done.

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Below we list some common reasons for why you should start using Lightroom presets:

  1. Save much time. Rather than starting from the very beginning, you can use presets as your starting point.
  2. Presets are easy to use. This really comes in handy for a beginner in Lightroom.
  3. Simplifying the process. Presets make your editing process simple, easy and short.
  4. Variety. There are a ton of free and premium presets out there.
  5. Consistency. Using the same presets across the whole photo shoot will give your images a more uniform and consistent look.
  6. Fully customizable. There is nothing to stop you editing much further after using presets.
  7. Batch editing. Instead of editing each photo individually, apply a Lightroom preset to all of the photos.
  8. Collecting many presets is fun.

Those reasons are also applicable to the mobile version of Lightroom.

Now, would you like to share your own opinion? What is your main reason for using presets? What do you like so much about using presets? Drop it the comment section down below.

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